Freedom of speech, the false freedom and the hidden freedom.

What is meant in the west by freedom of expression, generally known as freedom of speech, is generally known. As a rough idea we can take the renaissance with names as Erasmus of Rotterdam,Galileo and Montaigne.  The rights have been won through centuries of struggle till today. Meanwhile they have been  changed, improved  and subverted.

I will start with the limitations most of us accept today.

Libel – you are not allowed to defame somebody by unfactual  statements.

Hate crimes – spoken or written. Here there is still a gray zone but in general racist symbols, speech or writings are not tolerated

Historical falsifications – denial of documented past atrocities such as the genocide of armenians or the holocaust are allowed sometimes.  The matter is discussed.

In general in Sweden you may say anything about anybody, however an open discussion about islam or its founder is impossible in practice.

Does this mean that freedom of speech is otherwise unlimited. Taking some thought this is shown to be wrong.

Limitations are usually based on the principle that everybody has the right to express themselves, undisturbed. You cannot enter a church and talk about whatever or in a closed meeting or disturb a  public meeting. You cannot sing at a public meeting  to interrupt a speaker etc.

By these limits you can see the outline of the hidden freedom.

But first, freedom of speech as a thought is a human right for the individual or groups of individuals to talk to  other individuals but is has been counterfeited,

The false freedom of speech is that money or power  gives someone more right to  present opinions or goods. Here you have taken way freedom of speech for the individuals to drown it in the loudspeaker of wealth. You are using the nature of freedom of speech to strangle freedom of speech. Neither mcdonald, volvo or  lotto are individuals.

Now let us try to give the hidden freedom a name. I suggest freedom from impression. That nobody must receive impressions that somebody else chooses. Here, as with freedom of speech, there are limits. Freedom from impression is not a bar to the free association between individuals  but to give individuals the ability to resist Power and Money’s obvious (obvious!!) priority . It  should not hinder the Contact between authorities and Citizens but can be tested from case to case to distinguish propaganda from information.

It is not meant to hinder individuals or groups of individuals from letting the public know their opinions (protected by freedom of speech). But with this and similar limits freedom from impressions is for one’s self  to decide what impressions to receive.

As an exempel how freedom from impression could appear. On the sidewalk there would only be a sign for what kind of business it is such as Ikea, Walmart, Ford. Inside, invisible from the street, the presentation would be as we  are used to.  Breaking these rules would lead to fines, Radio and Tv commercials only to those who clearly want it. Freedom from impressions, just as freedom of speech, couldn’t be given away. As a trial, impression free buildings or areas could be established. The reaction of the business community would give clearer idea of this freedom.

You may, hopefully find better exemples.

As for freedom from impressions, we have still 500 years to make up. We find it difficult just to imagine  what it is. It is considered as a matter of course that the individual is a funnel where Money and Power can pour anything they like. And what do you as an isolated individual have to resist.

You may feel the freedom from impressions is an ivory Tower Construction instead of a protection for free thoughts for individuals. That your feelings and opinions are trade goods although you haven’t offered them to anybody. Keep on that way and offer yourself and those following you to the  Cages  of Money and Power.






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