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Bye, Bye U.S Democratic Elections

May 9, 2016


Can voting by electronic voting machines or any version which doesn’t involve a paper trail be democratic? First we have to understand what a paper trail is. It is a ballot (piece of paper) which counts for one vote and where nobody can see that just you have cast that vote.

Why couldn’t an electronic ballot be democratic? That is free, secret and correct?

I will tell you what convinced me, but it is up to you to decide if it makes sense.

You, as a voter have no control over the electronic voting machines or networks. As a matter of fact, only a minority of the democratically elected officials do and how much control do they have? The supplier of these systems is out to make money.

A. There is no way for you to know if a deal has been made and the results have been fixed.

B.What is just as bad, there is no large system which hasn’t been hacked. That is to say, where¬† the results have been changed either from mischief or for profit or for political reasons.

In either case there is no way for you as a voter to trace if the vote you cast is the vote that is counted. Paper leaves a trail, particularly in the system which is still in force in most places.

Electrons leave no trail. Just as you cannot be a bit pregnant, so you cannot have elections that are partly democratic.

In other countries you need riot police and armor to prevent a democratic election. In the US you just need a keyboard.